Holly & Andrew – Dundas Castle

Holly & Andrew – Dundas Castle

Those who pay attention to my Tweets will know that I had a bit of a long drive to wedding a couple of weeks ago….all the way up in Edinburgh at Dundas Castle for Holly & Andrew’s amazing wedding. It’s not easy being a wedding photographer y’know, I left Ipswich at 3am and arrived in Scotland at 12:30pm. I decided to stay over a couple of nights so that I was nice and fresh for the wedding day itself, this gave me a chance to check out the Edinburgh festival and have a good chat with the wedding coordinator at the Castle. For those of you that are not familiar with Dundas Castle – it’s certainly worth a look. Some of the best wedding photographers in the world have worked within its grounds and for me, that thought alone was pretty amazing.

I only wish I had more time! I had some amazing ideas on the day of what I could shoot but sadly there wasn’t time for everything. You never know, maybe I will be able to shoot there again one day! I only hope so!

  1. Holly
    Thursday 16th September 2010 at 10:33 am

    Hello Paul,

    Thank you so much – the pictures are perfect i have emailed round this evening for friends and family to view too.

    I cant thank you enough for these they really are everything and more.

    Speak soon.

    Holly & Andrew.

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