Open day at Vaulty Manor…

Its been a busy start to this season, with many enquiries coming through and lots of clients taking advantage of the 20% discount currently available on all standard packages.

I was at Vaulty Manor’s exclusive open day yesterday which was great. I met lots of potential couples and the feedback I received from everyone about my work that was on display was amazing! I really was overwhelmed. Especially the couples who had already booked photographers – they were just as complimentary as those who were ready to book!

Being locked behind a computer and in your own little world behind the camera 90% of the time doesn’t give you much of a chance to actually take in people’s reactions and thoughts to exactly what I produce and yesterday certainly was a massive shock to have so many people literally gasp in amazement when flicking though my albums. I thank all those who came and took the time to check out my work, I look forward to speaking to many of you in the near future.

Make sure you check out Vaulty Manor’s website, Tara is an absolutely amazing host who runs a real top notch venue, I guarantee for those looking for a venue; you won’t be disappointed.

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