FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of most commonly asked questions. If you are unable to find an answer to you questions please use the contact page to ask and I will be sure to get back to you with an answer with 24 hours.

Wedding related Questions
Portrait related Questions
Prices & Payment related Questions


Can I say when I would like the coverage to start and finish?

Yes. Simply choose a package that suits your needs and a start and finish time will be established within your pre wedding meeting to ensure what you want captured is noted. You can even add more time to any package if you wish.

Do you offer discounts for off-peak weddings?TOP

We offer special discounted packages, for couples who are planning weddings Monday to Thursday/Late Bookings; 3 Months and off peak weddings November to March.

How far will you travel for a wedding?TOP

I am available for destination weddings starting from £1395. Accommodation is required for a minimum of 3 days. Please enquire in plenty of time before your wedding date. Destination weddings take a considerable amount of space within our diary.

How far do you book in advance?TOP

The vast majority of my clients book approximately one year to six months in advance. Due to the sheer volume of work each wedding creates I can only accept 25 weddings a year. I have to turn down approximately 3 times this amount every year due to being already booked. Act fast to avoid disappointment.

How long do you keep the images for?TOP

All images/album files are backed up and stored indefinitely.

Can I pay the full amount of the package when I book?TOP

Yes, whatever is easiest for you. The total balance must be paid no later than four weeks before the event day for a wedding and on the shoot date for a portrait session.

What happens if it’s raining on the day?TOP

Unless there is an earthquake which swallows up the groom DON’T PANIC! We have the right equipment for every weather situation. For portrait sessions a re-booking would occur.

Can you frame images?TOP

Yes I offer a fully framed and finished service for any image I produce. I highly recommend contacting me to book an appointment to view samples and see CGI design concepts of our collections.

What is your copyright policy? TOP

We operate in conjunction with the 1988 Copyright Act. All images created are legally bound to Paul Armes. Please respect Pja Photography and what I do. Scanning in of prints is prohibited by law. I pride myself on the quality of my work and my products. Scanning images and reprinting them degrades image quality immensely and therefore damages my reputation. However, in the event of a clients wishing to purchase the CD of all images, the client MUST agree to sign a release form that details that he/she will have JOINT copyrights to the images for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You are entitled to print as many of any image as you choose from such CD, however you wish, so long as they are not used for events, displays or to gain profit in anyway. Any misuse in part or in full will be breaching your terms and conditions of your legally binding contract agreement. Individuals who breech this will be prosecuted.

How long will my albums take to produce? TOP

The approximate delivery date from when the order is taken is 6-10 weeks(2 weeks to hand design, 6 – 8 for production printing). Once the product(s) are ready you will be given a telephone call to arrange a time when Paul can hand deliver your products or they will be sent out to you on insured Next Day delivery service. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE APPROXIMATE TIME SCALES. Occasionally there can be circumstances outside of Pja Photographers control which can delay these production time, such as National Holidays and customs stoppages.

What methods of payment do you accept?TOP

We accept either cash or cheque. Cheque’s must be made payable to Paul J Armes. If ordering images through our website you have the option to pay via Switch, Visa, Mastercard or Amex through Paypal.

Do you have relevant insurances?TOP

Yes. It is also highly recommended that you have taken out relevant wedding insurance.

How about back-up equipment?TOP

That is certainly covered too. Everything from hard drives to camera equipment.

Do your prices include VAT?TOP

Yes all prices on all packages and products include VAT at the set standard rate.

Can you provide placements for work experience?TOP

If the venue is not a venue that I have previously worked at before or it has been a reasonable amount of time before I previously worked there, I always visit the venue before hand. If you would like to arrange your final wedding meeting at the venue to discuss your day while in the setting, this can also be arranged.

Are you CRB checked?TOP

Yes and any employee that works along side myself is also CRB checked. Documents are available on request.

Can you provide placements for work experience?TOP

Unfortunately I do not currently offer work placements at this moment in time. However, I certainly hope to in the future.

What should I wear/bring??TOP

I always recommends that you wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in. There are some further recommendations that can also benefit you and you family. Firstly, keep it casual. Casual clothes give freedom of movement and do not restrict you from having fun with your partner or playing with your children. Secondly, try and avoid logos and crazy patterns as these, in time, will date and do not photograph very well. Please bear in mind that to give you a great variety of images, you may be asked to sit down on grass to achieve some overhead angles or lean up against walls for a great textured black and white shot. Therefore it is highly recommended clothing that damages easily should not be worn.

Try and compliment the colours you decide to wear through out your family or group. For example if your partner and children are wearing plain coloured tops it is better to avoid floral patterns. Solid bold colours always work the best and help give your images a vibrancy Pja Photography is know best for.

If you can’t decide what to wear or would prefer a smarter alternative, have another change of top at hand. Paul will always be able to advise you what’s best.

Accessories are always welcome and make great personal touches your images. They can even be used as a feature. This can range from great jewellery to sunglasses or a favourite blanket of cuddly bear for your little ones.

What is the deposit amount required?TOP

Portraits; £45 minimum retainer fee to secure a booking.
Weddings; The retainer fee is 25% of your total package amount to secure the date.

Do you have a studio?TOP

I am an on location photographer which means all of my images are taken at a location of the clients choice. I do own, background support systems which can be set up to provide a portable studio. However, this does require a large amount of space to set up and can only cater for small groups.

What are you wedding package prices?TOP

Wedding package prices start from £995 and range up to £2995. The full Investment Guide is available by contacting me through one of the contact forms on this website. Once I have checked to ensure I am available for you wedding date I will issue you with a reply. If the date is available an Investment Guide will be attached to response e-mail.