Retouching & Colour Correction

© Paul Armes - Pja Photography

Perfecting the end result

One of the key attributes of PJA Photography setting us apart from the competition is the wealth of knowledge and experience Paul has in the techniques of retouching and colour correction. All of the images shot by Paul go through a time consuming process of editing, retouching and colour correcting. Each individual image is exclusively corrected by hand. There is no used of generic batch actions or purchased shortcuts. Paul takes pride in his attention to detail and is dedicated to ensuring each image presented to the client is vibrant, clear of any visual distractions aside from the subject and is of the highest technical quality. Paul has worked for many years as a Digital Artist on high-end billboard campaigns for several international top make-up companies making him a popular choice for many image conscious brides or aspiring fashionistas!

We know you want to look perfect, so we take the time to perfect every image taken. Blemishes, stray hairs, unwanted background clutter and many other personal preferences can be accommodated. If you have a certain aspect relating to your image, for example a scar  which you would like to be removed, toned down or replaced please contact us and we will be more than happy to show you examples and discuss what we can do! We have one of the world’s most technological advanced digital image retouching systems which is colour calibrated every week to ensure colour and quality consistency. When you’ve splashed out and made the effort to look and feel great for your day, we want to make sure it stays that way, forever!

Why Colour Correct? – Colour correction can be used for various reasons. Firstly it is used to adjust the tone of light within an image. Every light source has a different colour temperature of light. For instance sunlight is a more warm orange tone, whereas camera flash is a very cold blue. If a situation arises where you are including more than one colour range of light, the image needs to be corrected in order to marry the density, colour range and tone of light together. A uniform lighting colour range has a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

The second reason is style. The images I create are bold, vibrant and have punchy colours. Therefore colour correcting can also be used to create this vibrancy as is a signature trait of my personal style.

Below is an example of colour correction on both a colour and black and white image. The left images are the raw unaltered images as captured on camera at the time of the photo shoot. The right is the final image after colour correction and retouching. With thanks to my wife for allowing me to use her images….…it took some persuasion and I believe I now owe her a big box of chocolates!!