The £50 Recommend a Friend Offer

Paul Armes - © Pja Photography

Recommend me to a friend and if they book recieve £50 worth of gift vouchers for a shop of your choosing!

That’s right, it is that simple; if your recommendation leads to Pja Photography securing a booking you’ll receive £50 in vouchers! You can even pick the shop you want the vouchers from!

I am pleased to announce that I have changed my pricing structure from the 1st January 2012 to allow me show appreciation for any recommendations which lead to bookings that my past clients have made.

Terms & Conditions are below:

  • This offer is not only open to my past bride & grooms but is open to past family members and guests that have attended wedding that I have previously covered. Verification of attendance must be provided on Pja Photography’s request.
  • If you have made a recommendation to a couple, please insure the couple make a staff member of Pja Photography aware of who made the recommendation at the initial consultation appointment they receive.
  • Only recommendations from January 1st 2012 (once the new price structure comes into effect) will be eligible for voucher requests. I thank all clients for any previous recommendation you have given however it is with regret that I am unable to backdate this offer due to the pricing structure that was in effect before this time. Any recommendations from January 1st 2012 will be eligible to claim.
  • There is no limit on how many recommendation voucher rewards any one individual will receive.
  • Vouchers will ONLY be given IF a wedding booking is made and secured by a retainer fee.
  • For the recommender to be eligible for the voucher(s) the booking couple must choose a package from one of the five Standard Wedding Packages Pja Photography offers.
  • Individuals willing to claim a voucher must download fill out and send the claims form to Pja Photography for approval. Voucher(s) will NOT be issued without this form completed and verified by Pja Photography staff. You can download this form by clicking HERE.
  • This offer is strictly for wedding bookings only NOT portrait sessions.
  • Once the recommendation form has been verified and a signed contract has been received from the booking couple, the voucher(s) will be purchased and dispatched.
  • Pja Photography reserves the right to discontinue this offer and/or change its terms and conditions at any time without warning.